doing good

Innovating the most cutting-edge brands, services, products and experiences for everyday people.

fast. fair. friendly.

Everything we do fits these 3 simple yet powerful notions:


Because the most valuable commodity in our life is time.


Because long-term value and scale outweighs everything else.


Because a smile is the shortest distance between people; no interpretation needed.

our philosophy

Mission: Creating innovative ways of including more people to ‘everyday services' (like money management, credit and health benefits) in a simplified and frictionless way...all under the umbrella of being fast, fair and friendly.

Vision: To be a trusted friend for people across new and existing business areas – all united around disrupting old-fashioned ways of doing things – and all in a fast, fair and friendly way.

our innovation areas

alternative banking

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health services

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innovation by default

innovation by default

we think and do business
differently by merging our
4 core areas

  • innovation·design

    Business innovation and user experience & interaction is center point always

  • IT·programming

    Innovative yet robust IT and programming solutions

  • branding·communication

    World-class branding and communication is every products trademark

  • service·operations

    Streamlined and user-centered service and operations always

partner and join
us on our journey

our simple yet powerful philosophies are relevant for everyone, anywhere in the world. Partner with us and do good – on all levels

unique products
designed to do good

great business &
revenue share models

unique prices

good business with a good partner

find your best fit below...


Have a ‘do good' product, service or discount offering that the moneyamigo community would love?


Make it more unique; customize it our products are available in branded, co-branded and white-label solution.


Love any of the amigo products as much as we do? Our unique platforms, brands and products are available for nationally and internationally license.

brokers &

Unique products. Unbeatable prices. Attractive revenue share model.

brands & corporations

Extend your brand, increase smiles and brand loyalty with our plug-n-play platforms.


You do good to your community – amigo products can help do a little (or lot) more. Our NGO model gives real and tangible benefits.


Looking to do good on all levels; products, experiences and business ? Be part of revolution.

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We are a and would like to chat about amigo's partner solutions.