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AmigoCredit USA


amigo credit currently targets procedures financing (dental, medical, vision, etc), which today is horribly administered and with very unfair economics to both the medical/dentist office and patient.

amigo credit streamlines the process and provide the patient an ability to remain inconspicuous while applying for needed credit through our proprietary mobile application. We pride ourselves on being able to underwrite lower FICO scores

White-labeled finance app (with practitioner group's name)

Deeply reduced or completely eliminated discount fee

Enhance your group's brand reputation with a best-in-market service!

Instant (or close to) funding – no more waiting on payment or having to collect delinquent accounts.

100% Digital with proprietary application and platform

AmigoCredit International


Licensing of the award-winning moneyamigo platform which can be fully transported anywhere in the world

Advisory support on how to integrate with local lending and solutions partners

Branding, targeting and marketing expertise to set you apart in the marketplace