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With teams spreads across multiple locations and countries we embrace diversity on all levels. Founded on the notion of doing good and thinking outside the box we look for personality first and skills second.

work hard.laugh harder.

We welcome people with the same mentality. We are here to change how things are done; making it easier for everyday people – so we have to work hard to make that happen. Business casual environment. As a team we lift our assignments – and everyone pitches in.


We are growing and we invite people to grow with us – and we already have
All our top positions are all filled by internal talent. We are welcoming friends for the long run – and friends stick around: Our creative director 11+ years, IT director 7+ years and Operations Director 5+ years...

a new type of office

We do NOT believe in walls to keep us separated – no cubicles, corner offices and 'only my responsibility area'.
Our modern offices are bathed in daylight, have a BMW 1956 Isetta in the middle (the world's cutest and most economical car), soft sofas and the world's most comfortable office chairs (Aeron by Herman Miller) – and free coffee and sparking water.

A regular day at the office
Yes, that doesn't exist! No 2 days are alike. We do what is required of us to make things happen day by day! New things are always coming to us and we look at every one of them to determine if it will help enhance our offering to consumers.

There's just too much to do and too much good to deliver. We don't want to get bogged down with reporting lines, office politics and hierarchy. Our philosophy: be professional, work hard, laugh, ask questions, take chances, make things happen and don't worry about who the "boss" is.

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but we always welcome amigo's to apply: join@amigoinc.com